Medicare Solutions

Starting on Medicare

Turning 65 and/or going on Medicare can be an extremely overwhelming and confusing time for many seniors.  That why, since 2007, I have been sitting down with new Medicare beneficiaries to provide them with easy to understand information and answering any and all of their many questions. We work together to find a health plan solution that not only fits the coverage they desire, but also fits in their budget, even if that solution means staying with coverage they already have.

Medicare Supplement Insurance

Medicare alone leaves a lot of coverage gaps, which is why many choose Medicare Supplement Insurance to reduce their potential out-of-pocket spending. But with 11 standardized plans and dozens of companies to choose from, choosing the right one can be both overwhelming and a little scary.

As an independent Medicare Supplement agent, I am here to help! Give me a call sometime and I’d be happy to go over your options.  I represent nearly all competitively priced Medicare Supplement plans in Ohio and would be happy to sit down with you soon and answer any and all questions you may have!

Part D Prescription Drug Plans

In addition to Medicare, most Medicare beneficiaries will also need to elect a stand-alone prescription drug plan. There are generally between 20- 25 drug plans available in any given zip code here in Ohio, and choosing one at random could cost you thousands in uncovered drugs.After taking into account your medications and preferred pharmacy, I can shop a plan the covers your prescribed medications at an affordable and manageable monthly cost.

Medicare Advantage Plans

For the more cost-conscious Medicare beneficiary, Medicare Advantage Plans can be a good alternative to traditional Medicare. They cap your maximum out-of-pocket spending on health care costs for little to no monthly premium.

Still, it is important to find one that is right for you, because each Medicare Advantage plan has their own benefit structure and network of doctors and hospitals. Additionally, they cover different drugs at varying rates, and have various copays depending on the service rendered. I can assist you in finding a plan that suits you best, and leaves you feeling comfortable and secure in your decision.

Making Medicare Easy

Since 2007, I have made it my mission to stay up on all things Medicare, and continually get licensed with a variety of competitively priced Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage plans. If you or someone you know is paying too much for their plan or is just confused on what to do, feel free to contact me. I am here to help make Medicare easy!

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